Friday, March 30, 2012

Men's Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming well sought after to make a style statement and new edgy designs are being created in the men's tattoos realm. The old school styles have dramatically changed and the doors of expression are wide open.
Popular Men's tattoo designs:
  • Celtic arm tattoos
  • Wing Tattoos including the vulture, hawk or eagle, on the chest or shoulder.
  • Crosses, Font or animal tattoos are popular and can be very detailed to the abstract.
  • Tribal Symbolism from the Polynesian and Haida tribal patterns. Often representing masculinity, strength and power with usages of dark lines and angular edges. This style stands out with a bold strong look and can range from large to small in size.
  • Japanese Tattoos are perhaps amongst the most ancient of styles. With the use of color ink they have become popular in the form of Dragon, Koi fish and Kanji styling. 
  • A powerful tattoo representation of courage and strength and can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Historically they were large tattoos, covering the back or the whole body, but today they are becoming popular as small pieces of artwork.
  • Old school or sailor tats are probably the most commonly tattooed symbol in the western part of the word. Many of these designs are being recreated in modern styles, that are bold with bright colors and edgy. Some styles include nautical stars, swallow and pinup girls. They are often chosen for individual meaning and popularly located on the arm.
These are just a few of the common tattoo styles that are being chosen. The modern art and styles is growing quickly as the new advancements of color ink lends itself for beautiful, bold and bright designs.
If you are considering getting a tattoo, it's good to do as much research as possible BEFORE having one. Choosing a tattoo design that reflects your personality & style is important. Location of where your body will not only effect the size of the tattoo but also consider whether you want it to attract attention or not.

Back Tattoos For Men - Pull Up Bigger Selections of Superb Art

Selecting back tattoos for men from the best available artwork can be as easy as walking outside. Too many people get stuck in their ways, though, and end up using something horrible like a search engine to look for tattoo websites. This will need to stop, because they never, ever bring up the better and bigger galleries in their lists, which means that you'd be spending a whole lot of time clicking through generic back tattoos for men.
This is what happens every single day to millions of people. They insist that search engines are the only way to look for tattoo galleries. I know that this is not true, though. You have another choice when trying to find selections of good, crisp, high quality back tattoos for men. You need to avoid search engines at all cost, unless you really want a cookie cutter tat. That's all you find in their lists now. I only have one tip for you, but it's the tip that will open up brand new doors for you. On the other side of the door will be original tattoo art and crystal clear designs.
Here's the tip: Use the strength of large forums to your advantage. I know that it seems a little silly and weird, but they are the absolute best tools for uncovering the hidden (and much better) galleries out there. It works like a charm, too, because the archive section of a big forum is laced with topics about tattoo art. You have access to 50-100 of them in any larger forum you dive into. You just need to select a few of the bigger ones and walk inside. It's where men from all over the planet have gathered to talk about tattoo art, and many of them kindly share names and links to the truly great galleries they've run into recently. Long story short, this gets you to the amazing places that have top notch back tattoos for men. It gets you to the places that were completely left out of those awful search engines listings.

Ornate Globe - Steampunk

Click on Image to Enlarge

This is a Globe from an 1860's Catalog!  This one is very ornate, with all sorts of fancy ornamental work on it, including three carved figures on the base. I think it might work out for Steampunk Projects.

Also, check out this awesome Tutorial on my DIY Blog today, by contributing editor Gina Luker!

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Cameron Diaz Tattoo Art On Her Back

cameron diaz tattoo - dragon tattoo green and red flower on her back

Cameron Diaz Tattoo Art On Her Backhdscgnhmad

Megan Fox Tattoo - Celebrity Tattoo II

Megan Fox Tattoo - Beauty Aktris II
Megan Denise Fox (born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001 with several minor television and film roles, and played a recurring role on Hope and Faith. In 2004, she launched her film career with a role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In 2007, she was cast as Mikaela Banes, the love interest of Shia LaBeouf's character in the blockbuster film Transformers which became her breakout role and earned her various Teen Choice Awards nominations. Fox reprised her role in the 2009 sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Later in 2009, she starred as the titular lead character in the film Jennifer's Body.
Fox is considered a sex symbol and frequently appears in men's magazine "Hot" lists. She was listed #18, #16, #2, and #5 on Maxim magazine's yearly Hot 100 list in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 respectively, while FHM readers voted her the "Sexiest Woman in the World" in 2008.She ranked number one on Moviefone's "The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25" in 2008.
In 2004, Fox began dating Brian Austin Green, of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame, after reportedly having met on the set of Hope & Faith. They were involved in an on-again, off-again relationship, before finally marrying in June 2010.

Megan Fox Tattoogbsdrbgtf

Fox is of Irish, French, and Native American ancestry,and was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Darlene Tonachio and Franklin Fox. She was raised Roman Catholic and attended Catholic schoolFox's parents divorced when she was young and she and her sister were raised by her mother and her stepfather, Tony Tonachio. She said that the two were "very strict" and that she was not allowed to have a boyfriend.. or invite friends to her house. She lived with her mother until she made enough money to support herself. for 12 years.
Fox began her training in drama and dance at age five, in Kingston, Tennessee. She attended a dance class at the community center there and was involved in Kingston Elementary School's chorus and the Kingston Clippers swim team. At 10 years of age, after moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, Fox continued her training. When she was 13 years old, Fox began modeling after winning several awards at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina. At age 17, she tested out of school via correspondence in order to move to Los Angeles.
Fox has spoken extensively of her time in education; that in middle school she was bullied and picked on and she ate lunch in the bathroom to avoid being "pelted with ketchup packets". She said that the problem was not her looks, but that she had "always gotten along better with boys" and that "rubbed some people the wrong way". Fox also said of high school that she was never popular and that "everyone hated me, and I was a total outcast, my friends were always guys, I have a very aggressive personality, and girls didn’t like me for that. I’ve had only one great girlfriend my whole life". In the same interview, she mentions that she hated school and has never been "a big believer in formal education" and that "the education I was getting seemed irrelevant. So, I was sort of checked out on that part of it".

Megan Fox Tattoodrgdgbdf
Megan Fox Tattoodrgdgbdf

Megan Fox Tattooyhyhththd

Fox has eight known tattoos, including her husband's name "Brian" on her lower hip, a picture of Marilyn Monroe's face on her right forearm, and a crescent moon overlapping a five-pointed star above her right ankle.This tattoo is the only known colored tattoo that Fox has..

Megan Fox Tattooergzrer

Megan Fox Tattoordgbsrgergttde

Japanese Tattto For Girl-Collection I

Japanese Tattoo Art For Girl

This tattoo is not forbidden or taboo,, especially when that thinking is a sinner because reckless naked, life is very modern, this is what is called a natural masterpiece of a maestro AND THIS IS PURE ART..

Japanese Tattoo Artnfghbg

Japanese Tattoo Artftgbgfr

Japanese Tattoo Artfghbgb

Japanese Tattoo Artbhfgbg

Japanese Tattoo Artdfgvxdfbv

Japanese Tattoo Art

Japanese Tattoo Artdfvdfv

Japanese Tattoo Artdvdvdv

Japanese Gheisa Tattoo Side Body Girls

Japanese Tattto For Girl-Collection II

Japanese Tattto For Girl

Japanese Tattto Artfvsfr

Japanese Tattto Artsvfvf

Japanese Tattto Artfvsf

Japanese Tattto Artrsf

Japanese Tattto Artdsvdfv

Japanese Tattto Artrhbbsv

Japanese Tattto Artvsdfvdsfv

Japanese Tattto Artrgfvsdf

Japanese Tattto Artrvsefvsefv

Japanese Tattto Artrgvsrfgvsrfv

Russian Criminal Tattoo86 This is one the designs from my MIR line which

Russian Criminal Tattoo86 This is one the designs from my MIR line which
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Inkm Up Tattoo Studio 4305 Stockton Hill Rd Suite D Kingman Az
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Inkm Up Tattoo Studio 4305 Stockton Hill Rd Suite D Kingman Az
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