Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The world's most beautiful yachts

This Super Yacht built by the German building site Lürssen for a Saoudi Sheik is now the property of the Roman Abramovitch rich person who spent 254 million euros to acquire it.

Giga Yacht "A"... One of the world's most beautiful yachts

This 387 foot, 150,000,000 Euro Yacht belongs to Russian Billionaire Andre Melnichenko. Apparently, fueling this behemoth costs around $1,400,000 alone (Doesn't make sense, must be an extra large tank


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An outstanding cruise vessel in Phuket, introduces you the world of turquoise Andaman Sea. With the modern standard and traditional design, Siam Junk will create an amazing luxury trip to exceed your expectations.

The 73 ft Predator 72 Splash (shown below), will be on offer in Cannes, current asking price $2.3M. In view of declining yacht prices, the vendor should be very flexible.

The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Maltese Falcon Designer's 1920s-Style Superyacht Inspired by JFK

Ken Freivokh, designer of the famed Maltese Falcon, the world's largest, most high-tech, beautiful and costliest sailing yacht, has gone classic for his latest project, the 1920's-inspired superyacht Sycara IV (above). The 151-ft. luxury yacht, built by the Burger Boat Company in Wisconsin, is designed to cruise the Great Lakes in high style and is partly inspired by John F. Kennedy's yacht the Honey Fitz. The aluminum-bodied craft resembles a classic wooden motor yacht with a schooner bow and fantail hull. The Art Deco-inspired interior woodwork is a masterpiece of handcrafted mahogany and madrone burl, with ebony, sycamore and padouk accents highlighted with stainless steel details in scores of inlays and moldings. Lalique bathroom fixtures are the finishing Deco touch. Of course she's also equipped with every bit of state-of-the-art tech you'd expect in a modern superyacht

every tow years the Rolex Swan Cup transform the water off the coast of Sardina into a sea of competitive racing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The world's quietest places 1

Drink in the energy from this quiet place

You are one with the still water

You are one with the fresh lavender flowers

You are one with the clean air that surrounds you

Walk onto this little island and you are safe

Once you get past the fun of just saying the place’s name—YAP—this Pacific island (take a left at Guam), might just be paradise. It’s a jungle island, with endless coastline, mangrove swamps where giant fruit bats play, and under water, manta rays with ten-foot wingspans glide without a sound. Yap’s entire culture is built on adherence to social peace, so that, according to resident Richard Flow, even playing your car radio too loud when you drive simply isn’t done. “Do it,” he says, “and you’ll come back the next day to find your windshield broken.” So the loudest sound in Yap? Waves hitting the reef, more than a mile from shore. And occasional broken glass

Cape Cod – Massachusetts

Cape Cod may not seem like a quiet place to the uninitiated. After all, thousands of people visit each summer. Take an early morning walk along the beach, though, and you’ll be surprised.


A city without automobiles (now there’s a category we need to add to). Venice has lots of small hotels and quiet mysterious places, even in busy tourist seasons. The population is shrinking, so off-season there’s lots of quiet. The out islands are worth exploring, too. A place of inspiration for generations, the vibes are good and the cafes superb.

The Riverwalk was built as a public project in San Antonio during the 1930's, based on a small walk dating from the early years of the century. It's expanded more recently -- you could stroll the 1930's D-shaped portion in less than a not too hurried hour. A spur was added to the site of the 1968 Hemisfair, and recently a northern extension leads up the river to the public library. The Walk encloses its own world. It is set below the grade of the city streets; it focuses you on the river, the passing boats with their cargo or tourists, the parallel walk on the other side, the shops and entrances, the trees. Street bridges arching above signal the various city blocks, so you are both detached and connected. I first visited it in 1966, when it had been long established, and since then it has changed at an accelerating rate.

Haven of peace
A quiet scenic place where you can feel completely at ease with only bird and insects for company. Every worry in the world disapears when you are here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dragon Tattoos are becoming more popular every year

The world's quietest places

The coastline is notable for picturesque limestone caves and grottoes, particularly around Lagos, which are accessible by powerboat. Praia da Marinha, Lagoa was classified as one of the 100 most beautiful and well preserved beaches of the world. There are many other beautiful and famous summer places such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Portimão, Lagos, Armação de Pêra, Quarteira, Monte Gordo and Tavira

is a city in the south of Germany, near of this city there is one of the most famous castles in the world, Neuschwasntein Castle; it is a beautiful and quiet place, it´s like a fairy tale.

Asolo, Italy
An hour outside Venice (another carless place that could have made this list), Asolo is a perfect medieval hill town of walls and cobbled streets and afternoons of nothing to do but sip a drink in an open-air café. Once home to Robert and Elizabeth Browning, in Asolo, the only alarm clock you’ll ever need here are the songbirds. According to Dr. Cheryl Fraser, “On a circular hike through the hillside farms and vineyards, over the top of the old castle and down the ancient winding stone path, the predominant sounds are the buzz of various insects (I wonder, do they buzz in dialect?) and the beating of my own heart.”

You are looking at a Thomas Kinkade Artwork titled
"A Quiet Evening

The Hoh Valley – Washington
In Washington State you’ll find the rainforests that make up Olympic National Park. This park is known for being the largest area in the United States without roads, which does a lot to keep it quiet to begin with. There’s a special initiative, though, known as the Square Inch Project