Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainbow wallpaper 2010

Butterflies have types, shapes and colors, it is the most brightest of insects

At puberty their wings live for several weeks only, even a mating and the birth of new generations of them.

Butterfly has Multiple beautiful colors , and painted with geometric designs this is thanks to Color pigments wich produced by butterfly

Our rainbow butterflies are a beautiful combination of all the colors of the rainbow and the natural wonder of butterflies. The electronic moving butterflies make a unique gift idea for every special occasion and they make a great birthday gift, wedding gift and party favor. You can use these realistic butterflies for enhancing the interior design of any home. Office lobby reception areas do well decorated with butterflies because they provide an uplifting vibe for the work environment.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainbow Bairds photos 2

Rainbow lorikeet parrot

it Is one of the most beautiful Parrots

It is characterized by fantastic clours Blue ,Emerald Green ,The green _ limon ,red ,Orange ,Purple and Violet

The length of this bird is From 11 to 12 inches and Weight is 120 to 140 grams on average

Females are smaller in size

It is said that this magnificent bird can live for 20 years

it Lives in north-eastern Australia and And it exists in all types of forests and in areas wich crowded with Populations


This magnificent bird is spending more time in searching for food And the most of food that it feeds came from the trees And sometimes feeds on insects and larvae And access to water on the leaves of trees Such as dew drops. it Can also drink water directly.

Birds photos

Birds.... Joldian Finch

The maximum length is no more than 15 cm

it Draws attention Draws attention from the rest of the birds for The beauty of it's colours

And his native is Australia

It Can be brought In cages as a Pair in each cage, a male and female

Toucan Bird

The toucan is a colorful bird whose habitat stretches from Mexico to South America. This photo displays some of the colorful plumage and the outsized beak, or bill. They have red, yellow, blue, black or orange plumage, often in vivid patterns, and feed on fruit and berries.

To sleep, the toucan bends double and twists its beak around to rest it on its back. The toucan folds its tail onto its breast and wraps its wings around the rest of its body.

Toucans are known for being noisy. When faced with a predator they gather and make a lot of noise to scare the predator away.

Toucans belong to family Ramphastidae
They are brightly marked and have large, colorful bills. It is also known as Sulfur-breasted Toucan, Rainbow-billed Toucan, and colloquially “the bill bird” (though this might refer to any toucan). It is a colorful South American bird with a large bill

Flowers with Rainbowa colors

At first glance you think it's an average by photoshop,but the Surprise it's natural flower

an american Scientist called peter van de werken had made By manipulating genes of normal Flower To make it colored in rainbow ....

These roses are sold only in a particular place but can be ordered over the Internet ..

Price of the one flower is $ 10
And a diameter of 13 cm ...