Friday, March 27, 2009

PANDA Wallpapers 1

Information On Panda Bear

Zoos can offer information on panda bear, an exotic breeder, and a species' picture. This species is native to China and cannot live in the wild in other parts of the world. These animals are tied to mountain evergreen forests with a bamboo understory. They feed on bamboo only and cannot survive without it. Zoos can offer information on panda bear, an exotic breeder, and a species' picture.

The giant panda weighs 70 - 125 kg.The panda does not hibernate but descends to lower elevations in the winter (usually not lower than 800 m (2600')) to reach warmer temperatures. It does not make a permanent den but takes shelter in hollow trees, rock crevices and caves. Although it is predominantly terrastrial . the giant panda can climb trees well. Activity patterns are largely nocturnal . Ten to twelve hours a day are spent feeding, mainly on bamboo (which comprises 99 % of its diet). Giant pandas are usually solitary, except during the mating season.

PANDA Wallpapers

Pandas are immediately recognizable and easy to remember due to their extremely unique black white black white pattern markings from back to front and their raccoon like black mask face.

Pandas have played a role also in our every day life as a gift of peace between China and the USA. Pandas have had recent success in breeding in captivity and continue to survive as well in the wild, however, the Panda is threatened as it continues to survive in the wild.

Originally Pandas were found throughout the world, however, today Pandas are only found in the remote "wet" mountain areas of central China. The reason Pandas are only found there is that is where the bamboo that Pandas need to survive grows in adequate abundance.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Loving of Mother wallpaper 2

The relation of mother-child has been at the centre of psycho-analytic interest right from the beginning. Its importance became even greater when, it was found necessary to go regularly back into the pre-oedipal times.

As this is the earliest object relation the beginnings of which reach into the nebulous times where the frontiers of ego and external world merge into each other, it is of paramount importance both theoretically and practically. Thus it is quite understandable that each of us has tried his mettle on the mother-child relation. My contribution to this problem is mainly an attempt at a résumé, and I can only claim originality for the point of view from which the summing up was carried out.

Loving of Mother wallpaper

Love is a wondrous state, deep, tender, and rewarding. Because of its intimate and personal nature it is regarded by some as an improper topic for experimental research. But, whatever our personal feelings may be, our assigned mission as psychologists is to analyze all facets of human and animal behavior into their component variables...

Thoughtful men, and probably all women, have speculated on the nature of love. From the developmental point of view, the general plan is quite clear: The initial love responses of the human being are those made by the infant to the mother or some mother surrogate. From this intimate attachment of the child to the mother, multiple learned and generalized affectional responses are formed.